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  • Where are you located?
    We do not have a physical location, like an office or storefront. We are traveling service providers. We work in Johnson County, Kansas and surrounding areas like Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and Louisburg. Our sessions are typically held in home or school settings and our groups can be found at a wide variety of community partner locations. - Check our CALENDAR tab for a location "address book"
  • How do I get my child enrolled in music therapy sessions?
    We are always eager to meet new families! To begin the process, fill out our Initial Music Therapy Inquiry form. This form can be found at We will email you to answer any follow-up questions and to schedule an assessment session.
  • I want to get my child involved in music groups, how do I get started?"
    We have a wide variety of groups to meet the needs of many families! Get started by checking out our calendar or weekly class schedule to see which group might best fit your needs. We have a variety of community groups that you can attend by A) registering for a one time drop-in or B) signing up for a multi-week session at a discount. You can also fill out our specialized group form to develop a local group with your friends!
  • Can I drop-in to a music group?
    Yes! We use the term "drop-in" to refer to groups where you can attend a single group with no extended commitment. We offer drop-in options at many of our music groups! While a few of our drop-in groups require pre-registration to ensure they do not go over capacity, we also have many groups where families can drop-in at any time with no prior registration. Each group has it's own drop-in rate. Note: Our session-based specialty groups have a maximum number of participants. If a specialty group does not fill-up, those spots become available to drop-in participants.
  • Do you offer any groups on weekends?
    Yes! While we consider work/life balance to be very important, we also love to make our groups accessible to many families in the community. We do not have any weekly weekend groups at this time, but we do offer a variety of weekend pop-up groups. Check the calendar for other weekend events & groups!
  • Is my child too young/old for these services?
    NO!! Stepping Stones KC provides services for children of all ages, birth - age 18. We even provide services for some adults. At Stepping Stones KC, our Board-Certified Music Therapists are trained to design & adapt age-appropriate music interventions for all clients and group participants. The ages listed for our music groups are recommendations. Children that are older or younger than the recommended age are still welcome to attend. Depending on the situation these children may be eligible to attend the group at a discount or for free. If you are concerned about your child's age or level of engagement, let us know!
  • What does "inclusive" mean?"
    For our purpses, inclusive is an adjective describing our efforts to provide services that are accessible to all children & families. Our groups never seek an apology for natural human behavior. This can look like a lot of things! This means if your child has a diagnosis, delay, or illness, they are welcome at our groups. If your child is "typically developing", they are welcome at our groups. If your child can't sit still or if they are non-ambulatory, they are welcome at our groups. If your child is 2 weeks old or 18, they are welcome at our groups. Our groups welcome a diverse community and we want all people to feel like they can be a part of that community. Our groups will have children that are non-verbal, children with anxiety, and children that are unable to easily control & coordinate their motor movements. Sometimes you will be able to see a child has additonal needs, sometimes you won't. The truth is, we ALL have unique needs and we want to meet all people where they're at. It is important to us to teach children how to accept, socialize, and work together with diverse populations because it helps to make the world a better, more functional place! Some families will understandably have concerns about "exposing" their children to potentially unpredictable behaviors, but we urge you to give inclusivity a try, trust the professionals, and ask questions! Our teachers will seek to include all children, validate engagement at various appropriate levels, and will address necessary challenges with behavior in a way that makes expectations clear to all participants. In providing inclusive opportunities, we teach children the language necessary to interact with peers in a firm, but friendly way. We are all human. We all have days where we struggle to regulate our emotions or communicate effectively. We all have days where we struggle to work with someone or to transition from a preferred activity. We can teach the next generation to deal with peers calmly & kindly regardless of the social environment.
  • What precautions did you take during the Covid-19 pandemic?
    The health and safety of our community has always been our top priority. Services during the pandemic will not look exactly like they have in the past. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone groups at any time if it is in the best interest of the participants. 1) We offer online options for all services. 2) Environment. All in-person services that can be held outside will be, weather permitting. For any services that are indoors, our staff will be wearing masks. Being out in the fresh air allows us to maintain distance from each other. Being outdoors in the fresh air will also greatly decrease the risk of sharing/spreading germs. 3) No Shared Materials. Each child will start groups with a basket of their own materials to use for that group. ALL materials will be cleaned/sanitized before and after every class. Email us for more information on our infection-control protocols. 4) Registration Required. We are allowing for a maximum of 6 children per group. All participants must register for group in advance. We will not have many opportunities for drop-ins. Participants that miss classes will still have access to makeup classes or pro-rated sessions in the future. 5) Community Responsibility. We need your help keeping our in-person services safe for everyone involved. Please DO NOT sign up for groups if you will be traveling within two weeks of a group. DO NOT come to group if you are sick. This should be a given, regardless of the current circumstances. Please exercise community respect and responsibility. We will make sure participants get their worth from the groups, even if you are unable to attend. Thanks for your understanding. If you have additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at
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