Music Therapy is a motivating and effective intervention for many children! Whether your child has a diagnosis, illness, special need, or is struggling in another area, music provides a medium to promote learning. Music Therapy offers an evidence-based way to address a child's needs, including physical, communication, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, academic, and social goals!

  • Individualized Treatment Planning

  • Addresses Functional Goals

  • 1:1 Implementation of Services

  • Play-based (when age-appropriate!)

  • 30 Minute to 90 Minute Sessions


Does your child love music? Our music enrichment groups provide unique and engaging opportunities for children of all ages to practice skills in a fun, social setting. These groups offer a motivating and interactive learning opportunity to build a wide variety of skills. Each group is SPECIALIZED to the needs of the participants. Check out our current music groups!

  • Early Childhood Music Groups

  • Mommy & Me/ Parent & Child Groups

  • Neighborhood & Community Groups

  • Social Skills/Therapy-Based Groups

  • 30 Minute, 45 Minute, and 60 Minute Groups


These sessions are for children who are struggling in one or more areas, without experiencing enough challenges to warrant a diagnosis. If  your child is having trouble with focus, following directions, or behavioral outbursts, these play-based learning sessions can help! These sessions are also wonderful for young children, birth to age three, to target age-appropriate developmental skills. Sessions are held one on one and are aimed at providing individualized and consistent attention in the child's home environment! The therapist will also work with the family to provide strategies for transitioning the learning to other settings.

  • Individualized Treatment Planning

  • 1:1 Implementation of Services

  • Musical and Non-Musical

  • Learning Through Play

  • 60 Minute to 120 Minute Sessions


​Music enrichment groups are the perfect way to focus children and provide structure at your next event! Music gives children the opportunity to have fun without knowing they're learning. At special events, music can help bring children together to socialize, play, and develop skills. These sessions offer flexibility and allow children a fun, unique, and interactive experience!

  • Flexible to Environment

  • Inclusive of ALL children

  • 30 Minute to 60 Minute Groups


Our Board-Certified Music Therapists are educated and highly-skilled at assessing, designing, and implementing services within a wide variety of populations. We are available to give presentations and workshops to schools, hospitals, parent groups, and more to educate and clarify the many benefits of music therapy within a variety of populations.

We can present on topics including, but not limited to...

  • The Benefits of Music Therapy

  • Music Therapy as Early Intervention

  • Classroom Management Techniques

  • Self-Care and Relaxation

  • Incorporating Music In The Classroom, At Home, Etc.


Parenting is one of the most difficult and ever-evolving responsiblities we can take on and it is one of the most important! Because parenting is such an immense responsibility, I have always believed it takes a village! Learn To Play sessions aim to arm parents with education about early childhood developmental milestones and strategies for promoting meaningful play with your child. In our Parent Consult sessions we provide parents with the tips and tricks needed to better communicate with their child and understand their child's behavior, while offering strategies for carrying over a child's learning opportunities at home.

  • 30 Minute to 60 Minute Sessions

  • Behavior Management Consults

  • Learn to Play (birth to age 3) Sessions

  • Increasing Communication Consults

  • Sibling Bonding Consults


Do you operate an early childhood learning facility, kids facility, or therapy clinic? Music is an important part of all childhood learning programs. Our music enrichment groups offer a fun, social, and interactive opportunity to build skills! In these sessions, individualized to the participants, children will have the chance to sing, dance, and play instruments while addressing key areas in their development! 

  • Developmentally Appropriate

  • Themed Curriculum

  • Learning Through Play

  • 30 Minute, 45 Minute, 60 Minute Groups


Music is a great way to offer fun and interactive entertainment for your child's next birthday! Parties are sure to include singing, dancing, and instrument play. This is a fun and unique way to structure social play at your child's party, and bolster their individual development, while they don't even realize they're learning!

  • Flexible to Environment

  • Inclusive of ALL children

  • 3 Unique Packages

  • Can Incorporate Themes

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